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Imagine the invaluable peace of mind each family member will have knowing that decisions impacting their lives are being guided by proven trust and estate professionals. Regardless of the value of an estate, FFM cares for your family by providing independent, high level advice to ensure the estate is well managed with transparency. 

Protecting Your Family First

As your family heals from the loss of a loved one, FFM collects the financial details of the entire estate to provide a crystal clear financial picture. All estate documents such as receipts, disbursements and statements are organized, summarized and uploaded to a secure family portal. Family members can access the portal from any web connection and know the status of the estate on an ongoing basis. FFM’s reporting streamlines the workflow between CPAs, attorneys and other professionals so the family has peace of mind. 


Wrongdoing isn’t the only cause of a lawsuit. Sometimes a family member or beneficiary feels the estate or trust was settled unfairly. Maybe a family member wanted grandmother’s diamond engagement ring or an uncle’s train set. Regardless of the reason, the Executor or Trustee must defend their actions and decisions.

We are well experienced in estate and trust accountings and can review, interpret, document and summarize the status for our client. Using our extensive background in trust administration, finance and banking, we know where to look, how to trace assets and quantify the historical finances and position of the trust today. We bring these facts to our client and their attorney to support their case. FFM has investigated and tracked estate and trust transactions going back 20 years through tax returns, bank statements, investments and other documentation.

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